Thursday, August 16, 2012

People of Walmart

So yesterday, as I walked through Walmart, I heard a guy yelling at a crying child, in the toy department. As there didn’t seem to be any physical harm occurring, I kept going, but heard part of the conversation, as best as I can recollect:

Man: “Shut up!”

(child keeps crying)

Man: “Shut up, [name]!”

(child keeps crying)


(child gets louder)

Man, slightly calmer: “Look, please shut up and listen to me.”

(child softens, but keeps crying)

Man: “Will you listen to me? Stop crying, and listen to me?”

(child stops crying)

Man: “Look, we’re here to get a toy for [other child]. [Other child] is getting a toy because she did what she was told. You did not do what you were told, right?”

(child whimpers)

Man: “When Mommy told [other child] to go sit in the corner, she did. That’s why she’s getting a toy.”

Um… parenting FAIL?

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