Friday, October 2, 2009

Stupid Whippersnappers

I guess it’s probably just as well that I neglected to post this yesterday, since my customer support manifesto was long enough as it was. However, the subject of iTunes reminded me of a rather humorous scenario I ran into, a while back.

Perhaps two, maybe three years ago, I received my weekly e-mail from iTunes informing me of some of the new releases to hit the store that week. One of the new items was a five-track compilation of some of Paula Abdul’s greatest hits. Curious, I clicked the link to see which five they considered to be her “greatest.” What I didn’t expect was the hilarity of the comments.

While a few people that rated the compilation had some decent things to say—whether positive or negative—the great majority were along the lines of, “Paula Abdul is such a loser. She thinks that just because she’s a judge on American Idol, all she has to do is record her own material and she’ll become a pop star, too!”

I could not stop laughing—as evidenced by the fact that even years later, I still remember it.

Of course, remembering this anecdote in turn reminded me of a track I’d like to share with my readers. Enjoy!

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